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FBX 2300 BLOCK AND FBX 2300-K BLOCK are made from high purity aluminum silicate fibers which are bonded and "wet-sawed" to precise dimensions. These ceramic fiber blocks are oxidation resistant through their recommended temperature range. FBX 2300 Block can be used as a direct or refractory backup insulation in combustion chambers, kilns, high temperature ovens, and furnaces. FBX 2300-K Block is designed with a lower organic content ensuring no significant burn-off. FBX 2300-K Block is resistant to hot gas abrasion and corrosion, making it ideal for use in aluminum and other nonferrous metal furnaces.

FBX 1900 BLOCK AND FBX 1900-K BLOCK is composed of semi-refractory fibers, which are bonded together with a combination organic/inorganic binder system. FBX 1900 Block is widely used in applications up to 1900 degrees F where long-life, residual strength and low moisture absorption are important. FBX 1900-K Block is produced at a lower density with lower organic content, and is recommended for use where extensive shaping is necessary during installation or where out-gassing during start-up must be carefully controlled.

FBX MTB BLOCK is a composite product that satisfies specialized application requirements. Composition products combine the superior compressive resistance and thermal insulating properties of American Fibrex's various block and board products in single, inexpensive, and easily installed insulation systems, designed and manufactured to meet a specific need.

Except as noted, American Fibrex block products meet the requirements of ASTM C 612, Type V and ASTM C 795 (on request); Mil 1-24244 (on request).

For detailed information, please consult technical data sheets that are available upon request for all of our products (Click on the Contact Us button.)

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